Monday, November 21, 2016

Peep My Closet

I'm certainly excited that it's a short week (even though I know I have an insanely busy work day today and tomorrow). This last weekend, it rained from Friday - Sunday. I'm talking a good ol' fashioned, Portland style drizzle that didn't let up. While it did make for some miserable dog walks on Saturday & Sunday mornings (the kind where you're half asleep in pouring rain and only realize your shoes aren't waterproof as soon as you feel water trickling into your toes...), it also made for some productive activity around the house. First off, we didn't grocery shop and rather made all our meals from frozen items in the freezer. We are planning to make room for expected leftovers on Thursday so we gallantly carved out some space and enjoyed soups and dinners that we had frozen awhile ago. And secondly, I cleaned out my closet.

Our house has (3) walk-in closets. Which is pretty much a godforsaken dream and one of the many reasons we chose this spot in August. I mean, I get my own walk-in, Jay get's his own walk-in and then we have an extra one for storage. Talk about a dream situation for city dwellers.  When we moved into our current home, my closet (the largest one) was used as kind of a staging area and unknown bags and boxes were thrown up on the shelves, never to be touched again. I knew I needed to eventually sift through everything and see what was in there - and a rainy weekend afforded me the motivation to do so. So here's my closet now. Not Kardashian glam room by any stretch of the imagination, but I quite love it.

^my closet has built-in shelves on one side of the wall which I use to store some camera items, daily jewelry and photos.

^I got that hamper at Home Goods and just love the size and design. We don't have laundry in-unit and have to go outside and down two flights of stairs to the machines to wash our clothes. Therefore, this prettier thing remains in the closet and I load up a utilitarian laundry basket for the actual trek. Keeping that portable laundry basket empty unless it's in use is a lot harder than I imagined.
^I used to love a bunch of framed pictures all over my house. Now, I'm way pickier when it comes to the style. On that note, I'm not into mattless, black, basic frames anymore for decor. But these images make me happy (of my family, my siblings, my grandmother...). So I've hung them all up in my closet so i can look at them while I get ready. They're out for me yet tucked away as to not diminish the look I'm going for in the other rooms.
^My clothes are organized by style/functionality. We start with sleeveless blouses/tops (because otherwise they have a way of disappearing in the folds of everything else and I never know I own them), then blouses/tops, followed-by skirts, then pants, then suit jackets, then big sweaters, then dresses and lastly, shoes.
^Shoes are kind of the bane of my existence when it comes to city storage. I have mine organized a few ways. One of which is a classic shoe rack like above and then I also have a big steel bin holding more.
^Boots sit up top in order to stand at their full potential.
^Boots standing tall, photos that bring me joy surrounding, items stored in boxes around.
^Bins (from Daiso) housing hats, scarfs and purses.
^My jewelry cat which aides me in quickly dismantling my work look.
^In my closet, looking out into the hall.
^This guy always hung outside in our backyard when I grew up. I always told my parents that I wanted it because it reminds me of home. The good news is that they gave it to me (take that, siblings!). The bad news is that I don't have any outdoor space and it doesn't go with anything in my house so I ain't putting it out there (and really, never once wanted it for indoor use). So for now, it's tucked right above my door in the interior of my closet. I get to see it, it's stored out of the way and it makes me happy when I get dressed in the morning. A perfect solution until I can hang it on an outdoor shed sometime in the future when I live outside of 500 feet.
^This is my house hair. Forever and always. Organically messy buns on top of my head and fastened with a clip so it doesn't dent.
^My getting ready space and personal storage center. 

Having our own caves to store our items and get ready is pretty dang magical. His shirts are never draped on top of my heels and he has the freedom to bask in his more minimalism approach when it comes to clothes. I'm really happy to call this little space mine.

Have a great Monday!
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Pat Hatt said...

Each getting your own spot is sure a win. You sure have yours chalk full haha I thought the scarf shot was a cat tail there for a second.

Nadine said...

Ahhh so jealous you get your own walk in all to yourself. We have a rather decent size walk-in in our master bedroom that connects you from the bedroom to the master bathroom, but I share it with Chris. He gets the top shelf, I get the bottom and then we share the tall shelf where his pants and my dresses hang. It works for us, but it would be nice to have my own to have more space and girl it up some. I love how you have pictures frames and decor hanging in yours.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

LOVE! How amazing that you each get your own walk-in especially in San Fran!
Green Fashionista

julie @ said...

Oh wow! 3 walk in closets?!?! Be still my heart...!! Love how yours has shelves like that. Could totally use some more in mine. Argh, now I am reminded that I really need to clear out my closet... Thanks... :P