Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Baby It's Not Cold Outside

By all accounts, Portland had a fantastically historical winter this year. In a city that usually gets a light dusting about every other year, they were pummeled with the white stuff for days on end. Patio furniture was barely visible as it endured the endless big chill and children gobbled up inventive ice cream dishes made with the free stuff that was delivered to their door. My nephew's FaceTimes were full of chapped red cheeks, runny noses and a big, ol' smile. Yup - it was certainly a snowapalooza.

And I missed it all.

That's not to say that I was not briefed daily about the Portland snow via texts from my sister, photos from my friend Elena or the live stream of conditions otherwise known as my Facebook feed. But I physically missed it. My feet did not crunch into textured earth. My hearth was not blazing inside while I worked remotely. I did not take my dog out to do his deed surrounded by silent streets and reflective white sidewalks. I threw no snowballs. I sledded no hills. I drank no hot cocoa in my ski pants. And at this point, I think it's fair to say that I was jealous. Supremely jealous. There's few things I crave more than a good ol' fashioned snow fest - and one that lasts days on end? Well, mother may I. Oh Portland, why'd you gotta play me like that and give me the snowstorm of my dreams 1.5 years after I've departed?

Oh well. There's other things one can do to pass the time in sunny California (which has actually been a soggy rainfest lately, which has me fighting the urge to be Ross Season 5). And that's to begin to scope online winter clothes. There are surely going to be deals that bolt from the gate in the next month or so and I plan to be there when it happens. Because if there's anything I love more than a snow day, it's the winter clothes that go along with it.
There really is nothing better than snowy ambiance. A love that my husband doesn't particularly share with me. I wanted to move to a big northern city to chase the snow, he brings us to California to chase the sun. And lately, we've been brainstorming getaway spots. I cooed over a wintry vacation and suggested Tahoe, Park City or Aspen only to have him tell me later he's looking into costs of flights for Mexico or Hawaii. Obviously these are all fun ideas - but give me a snowy mountain over a beach any day of the week (besides, sand and cameras don't mix. And not taking one to the beach is never an option so it always feels like a scary bout of Russian roulette).

Are you a snow or sun person?
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Pat Hatt said...

Not a beach person what so ever, but I'd take sun over snow any day of the week. Portland can keep it all haha

Emily @ Beauty Blether said...

I live in Ohio and we usually get tons of snow and this winter has been so blahhhhhh. One day of a light dusting and nothing else! Just gloomy and rainy - so annoyed! xx

Samantha said...

Bahaha!! Come to Boston and take the cold with you! We had sleet yesterday and that shit hurts when it hits your face. Aspen is everything. You really should make the trip there. Sooo beautiful.

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

I love the beach and I love the mountains.. I am fiending for some mountains - it's been way too long since I've been able to go... Hopefully this summer/winter...