Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bottega Louie | Los Angeles, CA

When I was little, I always fantasized about living downtown in a large city. And I mean downtown. By the huge skyscrapers. Adjacent to where business is done. Right next to men in tailored suits and women with silk scarves adorned atop their padded work jacket. I wanted to live right there in the mix. After all, that's where the action is - right?

What I didn't understand was that financial districts in cities are a funny thing. They are all hustle and all bustle Monday to Friday hovering around working hours. However, as the blue hour sky tapers off into black night and as Friday cascades into the weekend, financial districts tend to be dead. And therefore, living in the "hub" of one is generally not preferred by many people's standards who then lean towards the city's vibrant neighborhoods instead. Due to that, whenever I visit people in other major cities, our big adventures rarely include anything involving the financial district (likewise when people come to visit me and want to go to the Ferry Building - we'll go for sure but it's so associated with work and work lunches and downtown downtown, it's not a spot we'd think to take anyone here on vacation). Which is why I was stoked to be in Los Angeles for work and therefore actually imbibe in downtown downtown LA. An area virtually unknown to me after dozens of trips there. And it was my company's smack dab in the middle location that afforded me the luxury of finding the sweetest eatery in la-la-land: Bottega Louie.

I first heard of this abode after my colleague and I conducted a very thorough online search to find a restaurant we could walk to from our LA office. We were churning out productivity for long hours inside and while we wanted to enjoy a new city for an hour or two, we had to ensure it would be a relatively easy spot to get to from our desks. When we saw that the location was walkable and the fare was Italian, off we rushed.
^First thing we saw when we entered - bakery case upon bakery case of the most beautiful sweets you've ever seen.
^Since I was working, I never had my real camera with me so these will have to suffice. 
^Leaving the bakery portion and heading into the restaurant area for our dinner.
^As you head towards your table, you walk past a very active, vocal and electric kitchen. It reminded me of the scenes from "Ratatouille". 
^I devoured the Cesstini Gamber and my colleague imbibed in the Cioppino

After we sipped all the of delectable tomato-based sauces and their perfectly-paired seasons, the two of us were happily stuffed beyond belief and made our way back to our hotel to respectively slide into glorious pasta comas. But the memory of that meal ensured that I continued to visit the location for the rest of the week during my break-from-the-office walkabouts.
^The simple yet refined bar.
^Macaroons are good to eat but phenomenal to take pictures of.
^The little shop is seriously made for Eloise.
^I'm not even a sweets person but I'm pretty sure my tongue hit glass at least five times.
^I tried the pistachio and the lemon macaroons and they were delish.
^Happy Hour at the bar

Yes indeedy, I'm supremely glad that work afforded me the chance to spend some time in the financial district of LA because otherwise I would have never stumbled upon this little gem. 

Located in the Financial District on Grand Avenue

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Pat Hatt said...

That is sure a perk thanks to work. Never know what one may find. I figured anyone who aspired to live in a financial district would be a millionaire by now, you holding out on us? lol

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

SO pretty and everything looks delish! I need all those macarons in my life! I never knew about living in the financial district and it being so quiet after work hours. Amazing <3
Green Fashionista

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i totally wanted to live right smack bang in the middle of the cbd when i was younger.. and now i live in a full on suburb hahaha. how things change. but love that your awesome research found this place - give me all the food. it all looks amazing. nothing better than a pasta coma.

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

When we were in LA last year, I had Bottega Louie on our short list of places to eat at while we there. We ended up skipping out on it for some ramen that was also downtown, and it sounds like no matter which choice we made we were missing out! All of those macarons look so pretty, and not to mention the restaurant itself! I'm glad that you found this place!

Samantha said...

That drink looks great!! Now I want booze...a phrase I utter often.

Kaitlyn Danielle said...

That place looks delicious! I've become a macaroon lover in the last year. I love trying new flavors when traveling because different places offer fun and unique flavors.

julie @ said...

Oh yum - totally my kind of place! And ooh, did I see some rose macaroons? Argh, need/want!!

Elle Sees said...

I love it! And it's making me hungry, hehe. Esp the macarons!! I love finding places like that.