Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Itty Bitty Reads

Having my first home that actually feels like a home is quite exciting. I've discussed it before (the most saturated take on it in this post) but it's something that I could go on about forever. We finally live in a place with space to decorate, motivation to do so and a feeling that this is our sacred space. And since I no longer have to have a living room which also doubles as a bit of storage which also doubles as the dining room which also doubles as the kitchen... you get the idea ... I've been trying finally to add flair that speaks to my tastes.

And my tastes include decorative, satiating books. Books that you can pick up and set down at any point and never lose your spot. So I love this little gathering of them which gallantly stands on our behind-the-couch table (better view here), ready for any relaxer to grab and imbibe.
^Pretty books, inquisitive books, varied books
^Grab a book and stay awhile.
^Someone was relaxing in the middle of my photo shoot.
^My house is coming together in little ways here and there.
^I actually first found these bookends on polyvore and posted on them in this post here. Then went and bought them for myself!
^Dogs, photography, motivation & fashion. Yup. Gangs all here.

I'm having an excellent time decorating large and small in my house and I'm excited to share my doings as they come about! I realized that I like things to be metallic, modern, animaly and varied - and also western/frontierish for whatever reason. And still hate sh** like this more than I can describe (Tom speaks to me).

And a mighty fine Tuesday to you!
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Pat Hatt said...

Having your own spot sure makes you want to make it a home indeed. Unlike some stop over place.

Samantha said...

Think like a lawyer don't act like one, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Can you really do that? That verdict is still out.

I used to be obsessed with putting books out in my apartment when I first got on my own. Lots of egyptian pyramid books and such, I think I wanted a mummy in my dining room at one time. LMAO. Now I'm like, fuck it, I just want comfort and my husband is clumsy. Those cute books would be all over the floor covered in Cheez Its.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I love "coffee table" books that people can flip through as you relax. Love the look of your book area. How cute! Those bookends are GREAT.


Elle Sees said...

Those bookends are making me swoon! I just got rid of over 50 books, and it was tough! Love your little (as in height) collection! Don't be a stranger ;)

Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

So so so cute. and im so so so happy for you. it's so wonderful to have a space of your own isn't it?
XO Ellen from Ask Away