Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Let Me Clear My Throat

Blogging is a little (okay, a lot) weird. I put little snippets of myself out there and do so within the context of my own truth. However, because you're not in my own head (nobody makes me bleed my own blood) - some sentiments may not resonate on delivery as much as I'm assuming they are. So with respect to various things I post about, here's some clarifications:
That I believe that kindness cannot be understated as the most noble human behavior (especially because it serves as evidence of other qualities such as confidence).
But that sarcasm and jokes are separate but equal joys against the former. And gosh dangit, sometimes you must shelve kindness for a second to have private laughs with your idiot friends who you've been immature with since the early '90s.

That I do love wine on the weekends and greatly enjoy a photo op on a bright Saturday of a glistening glass resting on a rustic pine table.
But that tea is my drink of choice all week long (after my morning coffees, of course) and I drink about 45 cups of lemon tea a day.

That Jay and I love, love, love exploring restaurants and noshing on artistic fare all over our fair cities.
But that we balance that against the more economical work week fodder. So much so, that we devote much of our Sundays to its planning and compilation.

That I have a strong work ethic and love having a career in downtown SF.
But that it's something I'd prefer to keep the specifics of offline. 

That I think fashion, beauty and personal presentation are very important.
But that I think it's merely a vessel to improve your mental health. I find that feeling good on the outside helps how you feel good about yourself on the inside. That's like a quote from a guidance counselor that you roll your eyes to but it's so true. And please know that sometimes I'm outside walking my dog, impishly lurking from tree to tree for cover like the Grinch because I was too tired to put on anything remotely attractive or decent.

That pictures bring me the greatest joy in life - what else is better? I don't care if it was snapped last week or forty years ago - images conjure up so much joy.
But that that unbridled feeling is largely because of what, or more specifically - who, is captured within those images.

That I love my dog so very much it hurts my heart.
But that I love children too. And cats. And turtles. And squirrels. AND ANYTHING ELSE LITTLE THAT YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF.

That city life is indescribably awesome and I'm so grateful to know that I have experienced it for over 6+ years now. So very different from the suburbs and arguably not very sustainable as you propel forward in life (raising a family without a yard?). But something that I am soulfully thankful for experiencing.
But that doesn't mean that I think everyone needs to live in a city. What you want may be different than me.

That I love blogging about the more fun parts of my life because that's what I utilize the blog exactly for - it's a hobby. An escape. A place to pretend I have a career consisting of mocking-up magazine layouts and a space to document my doings.
But that doesn't mean that the whole picture of life is there. I struggle with issues I wouldn't put online and I would say it's more of a highlight reel by design. I blog for fun. Therefore, I use it as such for the most part. Sidenote: People often say online personas are "a highlight reel!" as if that is an insult. I find it a bit more mature to not broadcast every hardship one faces on an online platform. I don't think it's manipulative, conniving or an intention to evade the truth - I think it's grown-up. If I'm ever spilling my guts to you in a YouTube video weeping ... consider telling Comcast to cancel my internet for a year until I can get my life in order.

That it's super important to treat others well.
But that you too deserve to be treated well. And if you must stand up for yourself, do it. With your fists thumping your chest. Or even with firm resolve. But treating others well doesn't translate to being a lamb when it comes to your own self-worth.

Have a grand ol' Wednesday!
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Kate at Green Fashionista said...

LOVE this post! Blogging is my favorite creative outlet, but it's not a picture of my whole life. It's a small snippet. And yes to all the wine, but even more yes to all the coffee and tea during the week <3
Green Fashionista

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I have never and will never understand people who think others owe them the ins and outs of their lives online.

Love this post!

I don't drink wine much anymore. Blogging privileges may be revoked. LOL

Samantha said...

Oh I know that Grinch lurch! I do that all the time, lol!

Pat Hatt said...

The people who put every little think online I roll my eyes at. Like I really need to know you had a good bowel movement? lol

I talk through a cat, crazy as can be. I knew, or could have guessed, pretty much all of that about thee.

Nice to live in a city indeed, but yeah, come family time, maybe not so.

The Siberian American said...

YES so much to all of this. Also, give me all the lemon tea!

julie @ said...

You took the words out of my mouth... Replace some words here and there and yup..! I often think, oh man, people who read my blog must think I live this fantasy life but like you said, it's a highlight reel. And on a day to day basis, I'm working, trying to keep that corporate wheel spinning. But who wants to read about my job?!?! Hehe

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

so much yes to the highlight reel. i agree. i think it's the same thing as framing pictures around your house - you don't frame the awful ones, do you? so when people come to your house, they see what you want them to see. how is that any different? i also agree about sharing every little thing. i'm going through something now that i have no desire to share on the internet for anyone anytime to see because it's really no-one else's business unless i choose to make it so. i come to my blog for fun, like you, so i leave the un-fun at the door.