Friday, January 27, 2017

Little Things Lately ...

Sipping ... some soupy, shrimpy, savory dish I'm not worthy of enjoying. Man, what is it with soups? Yummy, yummy, yummy. This one was made at Izzy's  (not the buffet chain, lol) in my neighborhood and was paired with mashed potatoes and my family on their last night in the city at Christmas.

Delaying ... the laundry. Speaking of Christmas, I spent it at a cabin in Sonoma. And one might think that the most exciting part of that was Sonoma itself or the local wineries or sharing meals and love with my entire family. But that would be false. The most exciting part of that was the fact that I filled my car with laundry like I'm a college student and leisurely did it over the course of 4 days from the cabin. And it was mahhhhvelous (since we don't have laundry in our very old unit). Well shucks, I felt like one of them mighty fine rich folk you see on that there TV.

Smooching ... Chandler on his actual birthday on Friday 1/20. I had meetings that day that I had to drive to so I didn't head into the office first thing in the morning and rather worked on my couch for a couple hours. Since it was his birthday - I was giving him extra toys, treats and all sorts of love. But really, it was me who needed the cuddles and kisses in light of what was going on that day.

Married to ... Amazon, for pretty much all our non-grocery store needs. They will even bring things SAME DAY. So it helps with errant tasks that I find scribbled on my to-do list. I really like being able to say "YES NETFLIX, I'M STILL WATCHING" because I no longer have to run across town for nails.
Sporting ... Big sweaters and monochromatic hues. So basically nothing is new and I am not ashamed!

Can't stop ... kissing my husband. He's been really cute this week and as punishment, he has to move from room to room with me bear hugging him and basically providing lots of dead weight. Take that, cute husband.

Seriously.. into wall art and picture frames right now. It's funny how what you want to buy ebbs and flows (at least for me). I'll either be in a season of wanting furniture or clothes or wall art ... but never at the same time.

Hoping ... Everyone is practicing random acts of kindness. I've been working on mine and trying to reach out as much as I can to people I do not know. Hopefully it's making some small difference in a tough week for many.

Have a fabulous weekend & TGIF.
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Pat Hatt said...

haha I'm sure he doesn't mind the dead weight. Wish amazon same day delivered here. That would be a nice perk.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

YES to random acts of kindness! And Amazon sure is amazing aren't they?! Oh laundry.... a necessary evil that takes up far too much time on the weekend. Happy Friday gurlie <3
Green Fashionista

Emily @ Beauty Blether said...

I can't get enough big sweaters right now - I feel like I live in them! And yesss to so many puppy kisses, Chandler is TOO CUTE!! xx

The Siberian American said...

Love what you said about random acts of kindness! I am obsessed with Amazon right now too. I almost bought a swimsuit off of it the other day and had to stop myself. LOL.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i am trying to be a kinder/nicer person lately. especially with strangers. that soup sounds amazing. i miss doing laundry leisurely, it's not the same but we are given 1 day to do laundry living with my MIL and i prefer doing it leisurely over a few days lol. we will have our own again soon though, so we'll be on of them fancy folk. so jealous that amazon delivers same day to you!