Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Palm House | San Francisco, CA

There's a huge dichotomization in my mind when it comes to SF. On one hand, the city by the bay is famously known for being extremely cold and chilly. On the other, I personally think of it as an extremely sunny place to live. I mean yes, the famous "Mark Twain" line (quotes used because he never actually said it - but it's still known as such) "the coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" does ring a little true. I mean, last August was basically a freeze fest with zero signs of good ol' Mr. Sun and at one point, I think I recall going into work wearing the same arm-lifting outfit that Randy wore in "A Christmas Story". BUT, on the reg', from my little Portland constructed upbringing - it's pretty dang sunny much of the year. Especially in the winter months. I mean for heaven's sake, this was my view in November:
Pretty dang nice for winter, right?! So that's why it makes all kinds of sense to run off to a tropical restaurant to brunch it up in leather boots and a faux fur vest. Enter: Palm House. Located in Cow Hollow on Union Street (that's pretty much my favorite place to roam, more posts on that stretch of land here), it's known for its Caribbean inspired eats, drinks & ambiance. And the perfect little place to park our tushies on a lazy weekend morning.

Due to its chic atmosphere and amazing location, it's not usually a place that we can wander right into and reservations are best. However, we decided to wing it and pop in with our fingers crossed. The bad news? We most certainly had to wait. The good news? We could wait at the bar, which is the kind of waiting I don't mind doing. Jay ordered something or other which I don't remember only because I went right for the mother of all lovely cocktails that I go to whenever I am lucky enough to spy it on a menu: the Spritz!
^Fell in love with these in Italy
A sip or two later and our table was ready, a patio seat which afforded us the majestic combo of enjoying the sunny, wintry air from the security of a heated patio. Now when it comes to their food, their brunch menu, in all its caribbean flair, is a bit different than what you normally see. Everything has an edge that speaks to that areas of the world that they are honoring (Cuba, Brazil, Indonesia, Hawaii, and the Caribbean) and it shows in their mix of spicy herbs and seasoned meats. After going back and forth on what we wanted, we arrived at the following:
^I got the Island Breakfast grilled whole wheat avocado toast, pineapple glazed bacon, wilted kale, ginger, jerk spice, sunny side eggs
^Jay proudly displaying his order and 100% ready to eat.
^Jay devoured the Fried Chicken Sandwichmango-chipotle bbq, juniper berry slaw w/ a side of fries because he wanted to be sure he got his daily veggie intake.

All in all, I can describe the Palm House as delightful. The interior is as if you have retreated into the fabulous hotel bar at a tropical resort. The food is familiar yet inspired and the drinks are worthy of instagrams - need I say more?. 

Besides, when you're done eating - you're in one of the best parts of town to traipse around in.

Located in Cow Hollow on Union Street.
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Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like a good spot. One big arse order too. Cold? Pffft care for some snow? lol

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I visited San Francisco in late July and the weather totally suited me. Long pants, etc., in summer? Sign me up.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

That island breakfast looks delish! Such a cute spot that I'll have to add to my list, since we're hoping *fingers crossed* to hit up San Fran and of course wine country at some point this year. And that view in November... gorgeous <3
Green Fashionista

Unknown said...

Every. single. picture. looks delish! Livin' the life my friend.

julie @ said...

Yums! I could totally see myself eating there!