Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Simple Joys

Joy comes in all shapes and sizes. 
I find it in varying places dependent upon my outlook for any given day. Sometimes it reveals itself in small ways. Such as the perfect amount of coconut creamer in my morning Americano (which is kind of a crapshoot since the barista has to put it in for me. Creamer is something I prefer to handle all by myself). Or an AM bus commute into the financial district free of debilitating traffic through the tunnel which saves me seemingly 5 hours of sitting in harsh, stale air while the hot bus lurches forward in molasses. Or passing a street musician who is soulfully sharing his rendition of a song I love (which is pretty rare these days. They seem to always be playing some sh*tty cover of a Bob Marley song. Makes me want to yell - "No woman, please stop. Please.".)

And, of course, it has a way of jumping out into the wide open when the big things happen. Such as a hard-earned promotion. Or a booked flight for a much needed vacation. Or when you order art online and it takes 4-6 weeks to arrive like you live in the stone age and you come home from work to find it waiting for you in the lobby, all shiny and new. Eeee.

Joy is everywhere.

And on Sunday night, I found it in the view from my side of the bed - the night owl side. Cause way over on the early bird side, was a snarly, mess of human limbs, dog paws, fingers, tails, noses and snouts. I thought about how long I had to make my case for us to get a dog. And when he finally relented, how worried I was that he would only consider it my dog. I envisioned a tired Jay asking me to take out "my dog" or clean up after "my dog"

It never happened once. Just as I had hoped, Jay fell in love with Chandler as swiftly as I did. And the three of us, day by day, have created a little quiet life that only we know about. A life of bedtime tea and down comforters and snuggles and reruns of shows with homemade popcorn. And tangled sleeping between man and beast.
And knowing that I end all my days, joyless or otherwise, in bed with these two - brought me a whole heaping serving of joy to coast me right on into Monday.

Editor's note: To take these pictures, I had to grab my phone and quickly stand on the bed. Eventually, my movements woke him up. He frustratingly grumbled something about being tired and "can I turn the light off?" and rolled over. Hashtag marriage.
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Pat Hatt said...

haha waking him and the pup up, how rude. The little things sure are what stick with you.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This made me so happy to read! Little joys are truly all around us!

julie @ jewelswandering.com said...

In this world turned upside down, there is still lots of love and joy around us... I love that pic of your hubby with Chandler! So cute!