Monday, February 27, 2017

Blue Skies & Hound Dogs

Man oh man - I wish that the excuse of "I want to Google everything about the mistake at the Oscars thus I can't come into work today. Thanks for your understanding!" worked. Because - ah! Was that ever a blip and a half. Watching that made me feel awkward with a side of awkward and peppered with awkward with a big ol' topping of awkward. Yikes! In other news, on behalf of my sister, I was very sad that Kubo did not win the big prize after its two nominations :(. A bit of a bummer indeed. But that disappointment was an outlier from the otherwise joyousness of a beautiful, sunny weekend in San Francisco. A story best captured in images:
^Big smiles for a sunny Saturday.
^Sun soaked bevvies. 
^Jasmine iced tea w/ mint & lemon for me
^A cold IPA in a frosted glass for Jay.
^Best thing about a nice day is checkin' out all the dogs. The cutie on the left was being a huge pain in the arse to his owners. They kept trying to keep him outside while they went into shops and each time he would panic so they'd give him a bone to appease him. He would excitedly grab it as they rushed towards him, giving the false impression that he was now placated with his toy. However, the second they walked away he would push it out from his jaw grip where it would dramatically drop and start to howl, much to their chagrin. They finally opted to eat outside and he was clawing to sit on the owner's lap, knocking over her drink and phone in the process in his futile effort to fit his huge body on top of a tiny folding chair. The owners were as annoyed as they were cracking up at their mess of a dog. It was really amusing and adorable to watch. Dogs are the best.
^Long weekend walks to the Wave Organ.
^Photographing spring's arrival.
^Hellllllo, lover.
^I got us matching shoes for Valentine's Day and had to take pics of it because I'm insane.
^Adorable entryways in Tiburon.
^The best bad eating there is.
^Long dog walks on the weekend are my jam. And inside my pink fanny pack you will find doggy bathroom bags, tennis balls & pepper spray. Just the essentials for city dog walkin'. During night walks and especially when I'm alone, you will never, ever find me without the pepper spray in my hand. 
^At the Wave Organ, looking over at our neighborhood. I love how you can see the Marina District in the forefront and Pacific Heights living up to its namesake behind.
^Sup Gigi.
^Chandler knows that there's tennis balls in that fanny pack and he generally maintains steely eye contact with it whenever he can, waiting for that orgasmic moment when the neon green emerges.

And now it's back to the daily grind. How slowly the work week seems to go and how quickly the weekend comes to an end. Someone needs to do something about that - and fast.
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Pat Hatt said...

Agreed on the slow work week, ugg. Can't beat that tennis ball. Sure looks like a fun weekend. Dogs sure each have different personalities, some are more needy than others lol

Nadine said...

So I didn't watch the Oscars last night and have no clue what awkwardness you are talking about and feel totally out of the loop!!! All of your pictures make me realize I am not doing near enough with my life lol. Hope you have a great week!

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Chandler is seriously the cutest and looks so happy to be out with you guys on that perfect day! That poor baby, all he wanted was to be with his owners, so I'm glad that they decided to eat outside. I totally didn't watch the Oscars but I watched the recaps this morning on the news. I can't believe how awkward it was!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

The weekends go TOO QUICKLY.

The way that dog acted is the way my dogs act in public when they're all together, causing mayhem and a circus wherever they go.