Monday, February 6, 2017

Mamacita | San Francisco, CA

I always joke with Jay about two things: 1) That he's obsessed with bowl dinners. This due to his affinity for creating amazing dinners and meals that are varied, mouth-watering and... always presented in one huge bowl. And 2) That he only eats Asian and Mexican food. Which frankly, is pretty much true. With the skill of a seasoned search & rescue dog, Jay will sniff out food from those locales even in the most desolate of locations. And 1 & 2 generally go together.  Left to his own devices - that's pretty much all he eats. So imagine my non-surprise when he took me by the hand and lead me straight into Mamacita for a trip all the way south of the border. And though I may not have been surprised, that doesn't mean that I wasn't very enthused!
^Mamacita on Chestnut street - about a 4 minute walk from our front door.
^the perfect place for low lights and high volume energy. 
^We had a La Nochebuena - blanco tequila, lime, blood orange & thyme with a salt rimmed glass.
^Mamacita is bubbling with life inside - it's loud, energetic and screams its urban vibe.
^Their tamales were oh so inspired: mole poblano braised mary’s chicken with dino kale-mushroom tamale, crema casera & pickled onions. Sidenote: Does mole sauce remind ANYONE else of "The Princess Bride"?
^Rojas Sencillas - - slow-cooked mary’s chicken enchiladas with mole amarillo, house-made crema & queso asadero
^Inside looking out. Romantic little view of the Presidio Theatre across the street.

After all of that eating, we had to putz around the Marina for a bit to walk off our meal. I ended up with a few new books from the local bookstore and made about four new dog friends. So it was a good night indeed.

Located in the Marina District on Chestnut Street

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Pat Hatt said...

New pup friends are always a win. And hey, when you like what you like, nothing wrong with sticking with it.

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Holy deliciousness, this place looks amazing! And I need that blood orange drink in my life! Cheers to bowl foods <3
Green Fashionista

Nadine said...

But things are just yummier in a bowl, no?! This place looks amazing!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Looks perfect, sounds perfect too - especially the new dog friends + books.