Thursday, February 2, 2017

My Cleaner Arch

The hoarder in me and the decorator in me has always had my eyes set on one thing: Built-ins

You mean, all your stuff, stuff that you use and is kinda aesthetically appealing can just be out in the open? Available, easy to grab and fashionably postured against the wall? How amazing! Unfortunately, I've never lived anywhere that has built-ins. And I've also never lived anywhere where I could knock out a wall and assemble them myself. So I've been desperate and shelfless for my adult life.

Actually, scratch that. I have had them KIND OF once. In my little downtown studio in Portland. However, they were attached to a murphy bed (yes, I slept in a murphy bed!) and were technically part of the furniture and not the wall. You can see them here. So I stand by the fact that I haven't really ever had them.

But alas, our new place threw me a bone. We have one, little, tiny built-in and it comes in the form of this little arched shelf. And though it may be tiny, it be fierce.

The problem is that due to its location (in kind of the landing/entrance area), it is a magnet for droppables - keys, garage clicker, badges and sunglasses. And though it's pretty convenient for such items, I wasn't the biggest fan of all that cluttery riff-raff in my built-in.
As luck would have it, a few weekends after this issue started to bother me, I found myself heading into ZGallerie on Union Street to peruse the 'merch with a hot latte in my hand. I started to note that they many of their showroom set-ups included decorative boxes, something I hadn't quite thought of. And no sooner did I ask if they had neutral colored ones, was I buying two stacking storage boxes to use in my house.

It was a paired set and the larger one went on my front table (I'll post about at a later time). But this little one not only fit perfectly in my little niche but tastefully swallowed up all the items we had repeatedly thrown on the shelf at the end of the work day. And because the box lid easily opens, it takes all but .00005 seconds more to grab our keys and go.
^What a cleaner look. Box contains all items formerly seen above.

So we went from this...

To this...

And it just looks so much better.
And if you're wondering, we used Framebridge again to get that Instagram picture up on the wall. I think it captures his essence of a cat and/or an olympic diver.

And a mighty fine Thursday to you!
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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Much cleaner. Good move! Functional and lovely purchase.

julie @ said...

I hate clutter, yet I find myself in a cluttered house. I honestly don't know how people live clutter free. I'm getting there. Love this box, its gorgeous and super functional!

Pat Hatt said...

My ocd sure likes it indeed. All clean and nice to see.