Thursday, February 9, 2017

Santa Cruz'ing Down The 101

Back in December, full of holiday spirit and bored of the same 'ol, same 'ol - we decided to have a midday adventure on a whim. Grabbing the dog and his crate, some seltzer water and snacks - we left San Francisco heading south on the 101. Initially, we were just headed to one place:
^Taco Bell - Pacifica, CA

That's right - just the nicest Taco Bell in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. Like really, click here. It's a 'thing'. Jay had read it on Thrillist and was vying to visit the acclaimed branch of his favorite fast food joint. And I can't lie - it's not too shabby. It sits right on the pacific ocean at a popular surfing spot. There's a decent-sized patio with a walk-up ordering station outside for those reveling in the ocean (plus, when we were there - someone named Chandler had ordered food, I mean talk about making my day...)
^Fine dining for two

All in all, it was sufficiently dope spot to sit outside and eat our $1 dinner with the $1,000,000 (this is the Bay Area, let me rethink that) $100,000,000 dollar view. 

After that, we weren't sure if we should continue on past the 40 minute drive we had already done. But we decided to revel in our lack of agenda and continue pressing south. Which came with it some beautiful little perches to hop out of the car and absorb.
^He looks so handsome here.

Eventually, we decided to just keep going until we got to Santa Cruz. And once we arrived, we were greeted with lots of rain and about twenty minutes of daylight (make that, cloud light) before it became dark. We had driven all this way and decided- what the heck, we have no gear with us, have no reservations, it's getting late - let's just stay the night and see where this adventure goes. But first, let's check out the view:
^Can we please discuss how cute my little dog is? He slays me. Walking to see the ocean while the light is still going.
^Rainy, cloud and blustery but oh so gorgeous.

The rest of our night has swiftly immersed itself into the folds of our inside jokes file and I'm not sure that I can really accurately describe it on this. Let's just say it was an adventure. We surely found a last minute hotel that was dog friendly, but it was slightly terrifying and I had to not think too hard about where we were staying. After we checked-in, we decided we'd head out to see downtown and grab some necessities that we hadn't brought- such as pajamas (I ran into their downtown Forever21 and swooped us both up PJs for about $15 bucks in 4 minutes to get us through the night), face wash, toothbrush and some snacks and wine. All I can really say is that clearly, we did not know where the safer part of town was in order to grab those things. Along our two hour walkabout in downtown proper, we passed a car with people on all 4 wheels, trying to steal the hubcaps. Two huge dogs tried to attack my dog while their drug-addled owners did nothing. We saw people shooting up on their thighs right outside a popular brewery. We saw someone peeing on a restaurant's door. All this was on the main strip and all of this was framed with pouring rain. It felt a little like Biff Tannen's alternate world in B2TF2

It must be said that we did have a good time as well. We perused a book store and bought some magazines. We hit up a Trader Joe's and filled one of their crunchy paper bags with to go dinners, light snacks and some vino. And we enjoyed being somewhere new, experiencing the life of another city and seeing it in all its truths before heading back to the hotel for just some relaxation.
^A very zonked Chandler (who had been walking in the rain for awhile) and Jay back at our hotel.
^quiet reading, movies, uno, dog & wine - nice night away indeed.

The next morning, it was up early and doing some walking on the pier in the daylight:
^please note his smile.

And then, we pulled our car onto 101 North and headed for home. Santa Cruz, you were something else. And I liked it.
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Steph G said...

Impulsive road trips. Is there anything better? I feel you on the dog friendly hotels at the last minute, we have ended up at some weird places on road trips with our pups, but it's so much fun having them with us.

Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like the perfect spur of the moment roadtrip indeed. Chandler sure does look zonked out there. Great shots too from you.

julie @ said...

I love these kind of adventures, even if it was a bit hair rising..! Spontaneity is the spice of life!! That headboard though, I'm actually quite liking it!! Hehe