Monday, March 6, 2017

Quiet Days & Yogurt Cups

Last Friday night, Jay and I rendezvoused at home around 5:30 PM and shared in a little mini happy hour while I changed my clothes. I had attended a work seminar that entire day and was anxious to peel myself out of the spectacularly professional suit ensemble that I had stepped into at 6:30 AM. After some brief chit chatting, a costume change and some laughs, we marched off to Off the Grid, a food truck heaven that is located on the east end of our neighborhood. It was there that we ate carne asada french fries, gluttonous burritos and danced around to the live music (my instagram from said evening is here, video is 2nd slide). We also obliged a million people who peppered us with questions about what breed Chandler is - a very common occurrence. Even more common because we generally have our dog in tow with us at any place we can take him to. We're good owners like that. We made our way back home holding hands, content, happy and full. 

On Saturday morning, I arose with big plans for the day. I have a museum exhibit I've been meaning to check out and I wanted to go see a movie actually in the theater, which is a rare delight that I only manage to do about four times a year. Big day! But first I had to take care of the essentials that I had opted to tackle on Saturday vs. Sunday this weekend. I vacuumed the whole house, I scrubbed every inch of the bathroom, I dusted the shelves and I mopped the kitchen floor. The music was blasting and the sun yelling at us through the windows as I worked made for good company. When the chores were complete, I decided to sit in our comfy chair, have a seltzer water and reboot before getting ready for the day and all of the activity that I had planned.

However, between the ice cold seltzer water and the captivating documentary on the TV, something began to stir. Maybe I wouldn't go to the museum today. Maybe I wouldn't rush off to a movie. I know it's my one full day off (you know, the one untainted by the fact that work doesn't touch it on either side) and I'm supposed to make the most of it but maybe today that means staying in. Maybe it means that I just let myself be. Maybe it means that I sit right here all day and don't feel an ounce of guilt about it.

And that is what I did. I thereby determined that March 4, 2017 was to be a day where I got the most out of my weekend by simply and quietly enjoying it from the comfort of my own home. I watched two documentaries, I outlined a photo challenge that I've had my heart set on organizing for myself for about two years now and I sipped lots of yummy drinks. Soon, the morning sun gave way to afternoon rain and I felt like I had made the right decision. 

I constantly feel tired in my adult life. I wonder if I will never not be kind of tired ever again. Work and responsibility seem to pull us in so many different directions and take so much of my focus during the work week. And if it "takes" my focus then it "steals" my energy for the things that I hold dear. Due to that, I feel such a drive to make every weekend count. I get up, I rove about town, I inundate myself with activity. To me, that's how I make the most of what little free time I have.

But the notion that I could solve my "no time for me" issue in a different way washed a calm over me. I'd skip out on carpe diem'ing the city this weekend and rather just bask in a home that I spend a lot of time attempting to turn into a peaceful environment. For moments just like this. Moments that I try to push away on the weekends as I pack my purse for a day of gallivanting.

So that was Saturday. It was magnificent. A needed dose of reverie.

And when I made my yogurt cup for breakfast the following morning, I realized how much beauty there is in the small, simple things.
Like bright red raspberries, paired with mint, almonds & banana, drizzled in honey and laying over a bed of coconut flakes atop creamy greek yogurt.

And ... a day dedicated to just breathing and rebooting.

I'll take more of both.
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Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

I feel like it really is too common of an occurrence where we're pulled in a million different directions because of adulting or work, and it feels like we never have time to just sit and be. I love that you took your Saturday and did just that, and it sounds like it was absolutely perfect! Also, those food trucks sound absolutely amazing!

The Siberian American said...

We get asked what breed Skyler is about a million times a day too! It's so hard not to feel tired all the time. I'm so glad you make the most out of your weekends!

Pat Hatt said...

Yep, sometimes we have to keep pushing ourselves while tired in this adult life crap and that makes matters worse. Can't win, unless you win the lottery. But a little r and r is a good thing.

Nadine said...

Your food truck meal sounds amazing!!! And of course you would get asked what breed he is because he is so adorable!!!

Kara said...

Reading this while eating Wendy's lol

julie @ said...

There's nothing better then being able to stay at home all day and just be. I tend be out and about running on high power mode all the time, but lately I've started to slow down. In fact, on Sat, I just laid on my bed and did nothing. I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't watching a movie. I just laid there and stared at the ceiling. HAHA

Brittany said...

This post speaks directly to my soul. I'm always so bothered by how tired I am - no matter how much sleep I get. I can't even imagine having a child or two on top of it. Still, I realize that I do it to myself because my free time is filled with running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to do the most fun thing I can think of in that moment. I need to intentionally make time for sitting, relaxing, thinking, and breathing.