What Does 'Candyfloss & Persie' Mean?

One of the (many) things that has pleasantly surprised me since I started a blog was the abundance of emails/comments I get asking about the title. Most people in the U.K. immediately assume I'm British because "Candyfloss" means "Cotton Candy" across the pond. And most people (I've discovered through my friends who talk to me about my blog) incorrectly (yet understandably) believe that "Persie" is pronounced "Percy". I thought it would be due time to shine some light on my name that seems to make no sense.

I've always been enamored with a celebrity girl. From the first one I can remember: Barbie, all the way to my current: Miss Lauren Conrad. I tend to want to look like them, dress like them, read about them, do my hair like them (trust me, I'm not as pathetic as this sounds- think of your idols growin' up! That's what I mean). Basically- I just want to be a little bit like them.
Being a preteen in the 90's, there was no way that I was going to pass up the allure of the Spice Girls. Holy hell! All of a sudden I had 5 different, sexified, outgoing girls to emulate. I bought book after book of them, worshiped their CDs and desperately went in search clothes that looked like Ginger Spice. After purchasing one of these books (almost 100% positive it was this one) at about age 13, I flipped to the Baby Spice page. In her quick stats it simply said:

Favorite word: Candyfloss

I had no idea that this word meant what it does, all I knew was that A) it was new B) it was cute C) It was Spice Girl endorsed. I was sold.
Speaking of childhood behavior; they say we are the same person now that we've always been. If that's true, then loving animals is in my DNA. My life has been riddled with a passion for animals. I have heard so many tales from my Parents of me sprinting away from them to pet a cat/dog/chicken/snake etc. I love them.
Due to this, my little self always felt the pull to purchase animal memorabilia. I always had stuffed and figurine animals and when I went on trips, my souvenirs always had to have four legs. During a visit to Montana when I was about 9, I went into a store in the middle of Nowheresville, Montana and browsed the haphazard, random merchandise.
And then I saw her.
A small (no bigger than the length of the tip of my finger to the middle of my palm), doe-eyed, manicured little cat figurine with real hair and dainty posture. I decided that this was my most glamorous animal figurine I had yet. So elegant in fact, that I imagined her sitting beside royalty in an exotic land. I decided "Persia" was the exotic land... thus naming her (alongside my Sister) "Persie" (pronounced like "Persia" but with an "e" on the end).

Cool stories. Why are they the title of your blog?
When I decided to start a blog- I didn't know really what it was going to be. Would I write about my Job? My youth? What I ate? I wasn't sure. But I did know that the art of writing is nothing without a little imagination and vision.
When I really started to think about it, I had been "blogging" my entire life. My keepsake boxes are FULL of journals where I cut out magazine pictures, wrote my worries, my joys, my hopes. I have at least 5 that are filled to the brim and all included text and imagery.
I knew I would write about the mundane parts of my real life in this blog but I also knew that the side driving me to start a blog was the side that appreciated the imagery from dreams and hopes.
To my very young self, for different reasons "Candyfloss" & "Persie" embodied a person I wanted to be and a life I loved to daydream about.
Today and for the purposes of this blog, it reminds me of the vital and passionate emotions of beauty that hold great value. And that the beautiful escape of the every day and the amazing landscape your mind can create for you is definitely something worth writing about.

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Panty Buns said...

I just read your new (October 14th, 2014) blog post titled "Under Construction" but couldn't fid the comments so I left the comment here.
Welcome back to the blogosphere again and CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MARRIAGE!!! :D I would feel privileged if I got to to see any photos from your wedding or read any new posts you have time for and feel like posting, to find out your hubby's new pseudonym, about Chandler's new adventures etcetera. Best of luck with your under construction blogging hobby and in this wonderful new chapter in your life!